Game Day Communications

All club communications are run primarily through Stack TeamApp. TeamApp is available on both IOS and Android and provides notifications of upcoming games and club events. It also provides plenty of additional game day information such as game timings, locations, attendance, rostering and team communications. We recommend allowing notifications for the application to ensure you don't miss any games or events.

Installing TeamApp
Open the following link to install TeamApp on IOS or search for TeamApp in the IOS App Store
TeamApp on IOSOpen the following link to install TeamApp on Android or search for TeamApp in the Google Play Store
TeamApp on Android
Setting up TeamApp

Once installed you will be asked to "find your team" or "login or sign up". Select login or sign up or you will not have full access to the game day information. You will need to verify your email address and enter some basic details to set up an account.
Next click "find your club" and search for "Highfields Lions AFC".
Select "request to join this teams app" and select the access groups you require access to.
We only use two types of access groups; groups subject to approval and restricted groups. Restricted access groups require an invitation from the group.

Access Groups
What is an access group?
An access group is essentially a communications channel. Once you (or your child) joins an access group, you will receive communications relevant to that access group.

Lions General - Available to all club members, volunteers, parents and players.
For all general club events, news and information including general meetings (Approval).

Lions U12 - Available only to the coaching team and players of the U12 team (Approval).
Lions U10 - Available only to the coaching team and players of the U10 team (Approval).
Lions U8 - Available only to the coaching team and players of the U8 team (Approval).
Lions U6 - Available only to the coaching team and players of the U6 team (Approval).

Lions Volunteers - Available to all volunteers for coordinating volunteering activities (Approval).
Lions Coaches - Available to all coaches for coordinating game day resources (Restricted).
Lions Executive - For members of the committee to coordinate club operations (Restricted).

Joining Access Groups
Please ensure the correct member type is used when requesting to join the access groups. To request access to an access group after initial setup, go to the home screen by clicking the Lions logo. Click the cog icon in the top right and scroll down to access groups.

How to add you child player to a team access group
Please note: parents will not become part of the team access group, only the child player and coaching team will for attendance purposes.
To add you child player to a team access group, once you have selected the access group your child will play in select "Parent/Guardian". Type in your children's names as the players. Then click send at the bottom. The team admin will then create the respective players and assign them to the parent. This is so that the parent can RSVP on the players behalf for all games and events.

For more information on using Stack Team App,please check out the support videos here.